PE and Sports

At Stag Lane there is a large variety of sporting opportunities available within and outside of the curriculum.

Throughout the school, each year group take part in gymnastic lessons. With the good teaching and learning they are offered, children are able to improve their coordination, strength, motor skills, flexibility as well as their confidence and love of sports. This year we are working on pupils' fitness and have introduced the Fitness Test. This test will be done regularly to measure children's stamina and information will follow the child through the school.

Pupils in Yr6 are taught by trained coaches to prepare them for secondary school.

Pupils in Yr5 are also being taught Rugby by a qualified coach from the Hive.

Pupils in Yr4 had a 5 week course of Basketball from a qualified coach.

In addition to lessons we offer lunchtime clubs and after school clubs to promote fitness. Click here to see the range of clubs we offer.