Foundation Subjects


Stag Lane Junior School values and recognises the potential offered by computing in preparing our pupils for the future in an ever-changing 21st Century. We therefore aim to equip our pupils with the skills they need to program, code, find, use, select and produce information in creative, effective and innovative ways.

The school covers all six strands of the new computing curriculum, including programming, computational thinking, productivity and collaboration, with strong themes around e-safety and becoming a discerning user running throughout every unit. We take a whole key stage approach to developing these areas as pupils progress through the year groups, building on the previous year's work. Our current curriculum follows a mixture of Rising Stars, Scholastic and staff-developed plans, ensuring strong links are made across subjects by planning in units, based on topics currently being covered. The use of technology, such as using digital and video cameras, iPads, surface tablets and even Skype to communicate with other schools across the country, encourages creativity and enables pupils to apply their developing ICT skills in many areas of their studies, enhancing their learning.

Please find the Computing policy here


At Stag Lane Junior School, geography is taught both through cross-curricular themes and as an individual subject. The themes studied are carefully selected to give pupils the opportunity to learn valuable skills and concepts as well as covering the necessary requirements of the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2. Geography is used to teach an understanding of people, places and environments.

Geography field trips form an important aspect of the study of geography, so we offer regular opportunities for pupils to study the subject at first hand by taking part in carefully selected high quality trips.

Please find the Geography policy here


You can find the programme of study for History here. History Programme of Study.

Each area of study in history is strongly supported by educational visits and in-school workshops.

Please find the History policy here

Design & Technology

We aim to give all pupils a chance to develop their design and technology skills through a range of activities and the use of ICT.

Creative Design and Technology projects are an integral part of our curriculum. Your child will be taught designing and construction skills through knowledge and understanding of materials, components and structures. Working out strategies to improve their designs and models is fundamental to this area of the curriculum.


The children are given opportunities to develop their visual awareness and skills through a wide range of experiences based on the National Curriculum expectations. They are encouraged to demonstrate self-expression and imagination in all areas of art work and learn about a variety of different techniques and approaches. They also learn about famous artists and their influence over the years. At Stag Lane we aim to nurture and develop creativity and self expression.

We work with both traditional visual media – for example drawing, painting and sculpture which we consider to be very important – and also new digital media, for example looking at photography, film and animation as an expressive form of art. Art Autumn Medium Term Plans

Modern Foreign Language

We believe that every child should have the opportunity throughout Key Stage 2 to study a Modern Foreign language to enable them to learn about, and foster an interest in, another language and culture-other than their own.

We are following the new Framework for languages. The emphasis is on speaking and listening using a wide variety of activities, games and songs. By Year 6 the pupils have begun to develop their reading and writing skills.

Please find the MFL policy here

Physical Education

At Stag Lane Junior School we teach many different sports in our P.E. curriculum which helps to develop particular attributes such as co-ordination, fitness training, team building and body awareness. Children go swimming in Year 5.

We have a playground and field with a range of equipment for the children to use as well as a hall with gymnastics apparatus. The school is fortunate to have specialist coaches to help with football, tag rugby and golf. We enjoy links with The Hive.

There are opportunities to take part in team and individual sports outside of school hours. These include football, netball, tag rugby, gymnastics, dance and morning fitness.

Please find the PE policy here


Music is taught across the school and follows the National Curriculum and Harrow guidelines. Each pupil undertakes a balanced programme of activities and is given the opportunity to work individually, in groups and as a whole class, thus catering for the needs of all children. Pupils learn to listen and appraise music of various styles from different periods and cultures. They also learn to perform and compose, making appropriate use of our wide range of instruments including our keyboards.

A number of teachers work at the school offering instrumental tuition. In addition, children are able to participate in local events and in many of the Borough’s music workshops which are held annually, providing them with new musical and social experiences.

Please find the Music policy here

Personal Growth & Development and PSHE

Personal Growth & Development is taught in accordance with the National Curriculum and Harrow Borough Guidelines in consultation with faith groups. It is an element of our school’s personal, social and health education programme and is taught in a secure and caring environment. We aim to provide pupils with sensitive and accurate information about the physical and emotional changes they will experience during their formative years and into adulthood.

Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) at Stag Lane Junior provides a broad and balanced curriculum to meet pupils’ needs and prepare them for the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of adult life. Our approach promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, their behaviour, safety and mental and physical development. We aim to connect and apply the knowledge and understanding they learn in all subjects to practical, real-life situations, while helping them to feel safe and secure.

To enable PSHE to be taught effectively we follow the Home Office backed Miss Dorothy scheme, the British Heart Foundation’s Heartstart scheme and in the summer term all pupils cover age appropriate Sex and Relationships education. In addition, pupils are given the opportunity through assemblies, workshops, outings, visitors and drama to cover PSHE related topics like drugs education, financial education, citizenship and the importance of physical activity and diet.

For more information please refer to the attached Power-point, guide and letter.

Please find the PSHE policy here and the Sex and Relationship policy here

Religious Education and Collective Worship

Religious Education at Stag Lane Junior School follows a syllabus based on two Attainment Targets: learning from religion and learning about religion. The first contributes to a pupil’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The second caters for learning about and a the World’s major religions. An understanding and awareness of each others’ religious beliefs is actively encouraged to promote tolerance and respect through the teaching of RE.

Parents may withdraw their children from all, or part, of the religious education programme and/or collective worship after consultation with the Headteacher.

Please find the RE policy here