Prefects 2018-2019

Each year, there are a number of children in Year 6 who are chosen for the sought-after positions of prefects as well as the Head and Deputy Head boy and girl.

Being a prefect is not an easy job – it involves the children giving up their own time and is a very big responsibility. Prefects are chosen for various reasons such as: their leadership skills, being kind and caring towards the other children, showing pro-activeness in all situations, confidence and politeness when meeting and greeting visitors to our school, being exemplary models of behaviour, learning and our RRSA ethos and general good organisation.

Some of their roles include: modelling for other children the values of RRSA, supervising children around school, showing visitors around school and giving them information, helping staff with their duties, interviewing candidates for positions at school, being ambassadors for our school at local events, helping children who have problems and organising functions at school.

We are very proud of our prefects and year upon year they astound us with their skills and determination to fulfil their roles to the best of their abilities.

New Prefects 2018-19

We would like to congratulate the following pupils on becoming our new school prefects. They have taken on their duties and responsibilities well and are being admirably led by our;

Head Boy: Ronnie 6C, Head Girl: Jia 6PK

Deputy Head Boy: Ishan 6PK , Deputy Head Girl: Monica 6C

6C Prefects: Nabiha, Nikisha, Neel, Nikhil, Oliver

6L Prefects: Rawdha, Ghazi, Dhara, Louisa

6PK Prefects: Malini, Samreen, Wiktoria, Prisha, Andreia, Raashi, Suda, Antonio, Sujeevan, Emi, Jabir, Muadh, Manav