Buddies are pupils who look out for the welfare of other children especially in the playground where they can offer help and advice to any pupil who needs it.

‘Princess Diana Buddies’ is a well-established system used at Stag Lane Junior School. The Buddies consists of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who have been trained by the Learning Mentors in school to offer support and guidance to pupils at Lunchtimes.We are pleased to say that our very dedicated team of Buddies, who also form part of the Princess Diana Group, are now fully trained and ready to carry out their duties by supporting children in the playground at lunchtime. In doing so they are upholding Children’s Rights, especially Article 19—the right to be protected from harm.

The Buddies are on hand on the playground to sort out minor playground disagreements, they encourage shy children to join in games or simply keep them company. They organise games and competitions to make playtime fun. The buddies also support children with their learning by doing paired reading and supporting the younger children during homework clubs.

The work of the Princess Diana Buddies does not end within the school; it is also extended within the community. The group have raised money for various charities and have brought joy to our elderly by visiting the local Residential home.

Princess Diana Buddies are a remarkable group of children who give up their time not only during lunchtimes but after school as well to support others.