Keeping your child safe

The safety of the pupils of Stag Lane Junior is of paramount importance to us. We have strong procedures and policies in place to protect all pupils.

Article 19 – Children have the right to be kept safe and should be properly cared for, protected from violence, abuse and neglect.

During the Summer Term the School will be discussing the NSPCC's PANTS rules in PSHE lessons.

PANTS stands for :

  • Privates are private
  • Always remember your body belongs to you
  • No means no
  • Talk about secrets that upset you
  • Speak up, someone can help

Click on the following link to go to the NSPCC website for further information. Pants parent's guide.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your child, you must contact us immediately so we can work to resolve the problem. We are committed to the UNCRC Article 19 that every child has the right to be safe and Article 36 that children should be protected from activities that can cause them harm so we will take your concerns seriously.

Allegations Against Staff - Guidance for Families

LSCB Child Safety

Parent pamphlet on the Prevent strategy

If you or your child have concerns about terrorism please click the following link for advice from the NSPCC -




The NSPCC Schools Service has recently visited all children in years 5 & 6 to provide them with key messages about keeping safe. It can be beneficial for these messages to be reinforced at home. The NSPCC has developed some guides for all parents of primary school aged children to speak to your child about keeping safe – called the Underwear rule.

You can find guides to the Underwear Rule to help you have simple conversations about keeping safe from abuse at