Parent Forum

We look forward to working in partnership with parents. - see minutes of meeting below

To find out more about the Parent Forum please click on the following link Parent Forum. If you would like to discuss anything further please contact the school to arrange a meeting with Mrs Evans or Miss Norris.

Parents will be invited to join the Parent Forum on an annual basis through the newsletter. If we have over 12 parents interested then we will go to election.

I am pleased to inform you that the following parents are now serving on the Parents Council:

Mrs Kastur Vekaria , Mrs Elena Nitu, Mrs Aleena Ali, Ms Chetna Halai, Mrs Jagruti Bhakta, Mrs Narissa Nikpour Valiseh, Mrs Ramona Coseraru, Mrs Sima Patel, Mrs Sajana Kabaria and Mrs Adebayo

The group meets once every month to discuss new ideas or concerns from parents. If you wish the forum to discuss any issue, please let any member of the group know or bring it to the attention of Mrs Burris, in the School Office, who will put it on the agenda. You are also very welcome to attend any of our meetings. You can find the dates of our meetings on the school calendar.

Here is the action plan produced from feedback from your surveys and comments to members of the forum, as well as our own evaluations.

Minutes of Meetings:

PC Meeting 21.5.18

PC Meeting 23rd April 2018

PC Meeting 26.3.18

PC Meeting 12.3.18

PC Meeting 22nd January 2018

Minutes of Meeting 20.11.17

Minutes of Meeting 26.9.17

Parent Forum Meeting 18.5.17

Parent Forum Meeting 28th April 2017

Parent Forum Meeting 24th February

Parent Forum Meeting 12.01.17

Parent Forum Meeting 2nd December 2016

Parent Forum Meeting 4.11.16.

Parent Forum Meeting 7th October 2016