Saturday School

Stag Lane Saturday School

Stag Lane Saturday School provides a welcoming atmosphere for each and every child, regardless of his or her background, ethnicity, or religion. Classes are vibrant and stimulating with a focus both on the National Curriculum and enrichment.

Please find a copy of our leaflet here.

Time Subject

10.00 – 12.15pm Maths and English (Years 1 – 6)

12.45 – 2.45pm Dari / Pashto (Levels 1 – 5)

12.15 – 1.15 Music

Parents will be notified about enrichment activities and Fun Days throughout the year.

Teaching Team

All of our teachers are Good – Outstanding UK-qualified teachers currently working in local schools. Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each student and to naturally complement their teaching in mainstream school. Teachers are observed termly and regular training provided to ensure quality of provision.


The charge for the Saturday School £ 10 per child per session.

Dari and Pashto Classes

Maintaining the cultural heritage of the Afghan community is a core value of our work. Originally founded as an Afghan charity, we provide high quality and enjoyable Dari and Pashto classes for Afghan students. Lessons are delivered from levels 1 – 5, culminating in preparation for GCSE Farsi for Dari students only. Pashto is taught from Levels 1 – 4.

Classes for Adults

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), 10 – 12pm

We are happy to provide a free ESOL class for parents catering for Beginner and Intermediate levels.

For more information about remaining spaces please contact:

Raziya Zarrien

Cluster Manager

Stag Lane Saturday School

Mobile: 07476324965

Tel - 020 8905 8770

Working days: Monday, Friday and Saturday