Our Vision

At Stag Lane Junior School our vision is that our children will become confident, motivated, lifelong learners who will be able to communicate effectively in an ever-changing multicultural world.

As adults they will be innovative, creative decision makers, who make positive contributions to society, apply and peacefully defend human rights and strive for integrity, well-being and global justice.

We are very committed to this vision and believe in the importance of working with parents to develop children who will be happy, thoughtful, confident global citizens of the world. Our continued work on Unicef's Rights Respecting Agenda is testimony to our beliefs and values.

Our Mission Statement

The school is very committed to the UNCRC Rights of the Child. We will ensure the rights of every child are upheld by:

  • Building a secure, safe, stimulating environment where our children learn from an integrated, relevant curriculum, which is taught by enthusiastic, talented teachers
  • Developing a culture where challenges are viewed as opportunities
  • Helping children and staff feel valued and unique
  • Helping them have a strong sense of responsibility
  • Promoting honesty, integrity, respect and good behaviour
  • Using data to closely monitor pupil progress
  • Helping children have a concern for the school and the world community
  • Having a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere, where children, staff, parents and governors work together as a team
  • Developing pupils’ confidence and competence with ICT so that they can make informed choices as to its uses
  • Developing children’s sense and responsibility of global citizenship.
  • Developing happy and confident individuals with a sense of curiosity and wonderment and who see learning as a life-long experience, as they realise their dreams and aspirations.

We lay great emphasis on children’s health and well-being as well as creativity and our curriculum reflects this. All children are taught how to keep healthy and active and understand their rights and responsibilities.