Stag Lane Schools Governing Body is a well established, experienced and supportive Governing Body, committed to continuous improvement by overseeing teaching and learning, safeguarding and well-being of staff and children, as well as ensuring the school budget is used effectively.

It was reconstituted in July 2015 when it became the Stag Lane Schools Governing Body. The team is made up of dedicated members who meet regularly to ensure that the schools continue to work for the best outcomes for pupils and the community.

The Governing Body (FGB) is made up of 15 members with a clerk, Mrs Neena Patel. There are 3 committees which meet each term to look at different aspects of school life:

The Children's, Families' and Communities' Committee (CFC) that looks at aspects related to children's safeguarding and well-being, including attendance and behaviour.

The Standards and Curriculum Committee that looks at standards of all groups of children such as Disadvantaged Pupils, Pupils with Special Needs, and the curriculum on offer to pupils. It receives reports and policies from Coordinators on different areas of the curriculum.

The Resources Committee that regularly monitors the budget, spending and best value. In addition, this committee monitors staffing and premises.

Here are some important details about the individual members:

Stag Lane Schools Governing Body Membership and Declarations of Interest Updated September 2018

Name of Governor
Type of governorPecuniary Interest (Current employment, Businesses, professional bodies etc)Personal Interests (Relationships/ Directorships)Governorship or staff members of other schools or academiesTerm of office
Start date
Term of office
End date
Ms Natasha Pearson
Co-Vice Chair
Chair of CFC committee
Relationship: related to TA in IS
NoneSept 17Sept 21
Mr Virendra Rathod
Chair of governors
Co-optedCurrent employment: asset finance, account managerNoneNoneJuly 15June 19
Mrs Sajana KabariaParent Current employment: BankingNoneNoneDec 17Nov
Ms Antoinette Watt
Chair or S&C committee
Co-optedCurrent employment: DesignerNoneNoneJuly 15June 19
Mr Paresh Varsani
Co-optedCurrent employment: Royal Dutch Shell
Professional bodies: PMI - Project Management RNIB
NoneNoneJuly 15June 19
Mr David Leibling
Co-Vice Chair
Chair or resources committee
Co-optedCurrent employment: retired
Trustee: RAC Pension Fund, Manor House Trust, JJBS.
Other conflicts: wife uses Harrow Carpets occasionally.
NoneNoneJuly 15June 19
Miss Amie NorrisCo-optedCurrent employment: Associate Headteacher (Junior School)
Professional bodies: Level 2 RRSA Accreditation board
NoneNoneJuly 15June 19
Ms Chetna HalaiCo-optedCurrent Employment: Self EmployedNoneNoneDec 17Nov 21
Mrs Valerica BalaucaParentNoneNoneNoneMar 14Feb 18
Mrs Elena EvansHead Teacher JSProfessional bodies: NAHTNoneNoneongoing
Mrs Nina Will
Head Teacher ISNoneRelationship: distant cousin TA employed in the school
Mr Ivan BrandonStaffCurrent employment: School Business Manager (Infant School)
Relationships: Staff member IS

Father of staff member JS

Landlord to staff member

NoneOct 15Oct 19
Dr Khilan ShahParent
Sept 22
Mrs Neena PatelClerkLA employee: Works at Camrose and Stag Lane JuniorsNoneNoneongoing

So What Does the Governing Body Do?

All Governors can be contacted via the school, either as a letter to the attention of the Chair of Governors, C/O Stag Lane Juniors or Stag Lane Infant School, Collier Drive, Edgware, HA8 5RU. Telephone number for Juniors - 0208 9522731.

The Governing Body of Stag Lane Schools has the following duties:

To establish the strategic vision by:

  • Setting the vision, values and objectives of the school.
  • Agreeing the school development strategy that includes priorities for a specific year.
  • Meeting the statutory duties, e.g. statutory policies are in place

To ensure accountability by;

  • Appointing the Headteacher
  • Managing the Headteacher Performance Management
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Contributing to School Self-Evaluation

To ensure financial probity by:

  • Setting the budget
  • Monitoring spending against the budget
  • Ensuring value for money is obtained
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed

Fulfilling its responsibilities as the employer of the staff

If you would like a deeper understanding of the work of the Governing Body, please read the document available here. An Explanation About Governors Stag Lane

There are meetings throughout the year which Governors are expected to attend. Below you can see the attendance at various meetings. FGB means Full Governing Body Meeting.

Governor Attendance at Meetings 2017-2018

FGB meeting

Name of Governor18/09/17





Ms N. Pearson (Joint VC)PresentApologiesPresentApologiesPresent
Mrs V. BalaucaPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Ms Chetna Halai
joined 13.12.17Present PresentPresentPresent
Mrs E Evans (HT JS)PresentPresentPresentPresent PresentPresent
Mrs N.Will (HT IS)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mr V. Rathod (C)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Ms J. LandhausserPresentApologiesPresentPresent Left
Miss A. Watt PresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mr P. VarsaniApologies PresentApologiesPresentApologiesPresent
Mr D. Leibling (Joint VC)PresentPresentPresentPresent PresentApologies
Ms A. NorrisPresentPresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mr I. BrandonPresentApologiesApologiesPresentPresentIn part
Ms K. Hughes

Mrs S. KabariaJoined December 2017ApologiesPresentPresentPresent
Mr A. Bhat PresentAssociate member where attendance
at meetings not required
Dr P. Shah PresentAssociate member where attendance
at meetings not required

Children, Families and Community Committee

Name of Governor05/10/1701/02/1819/04/18
Ms K. Hughes Apologies PresentPresent
Ms N. Pearson (C)PresentPresentPresent
Mrs S. KabariaPresentApologies
Mrs N. Will Present
Mr V. RathodPresentApologiesApologies
Ms A NorrisPresentPresentPresent

Resources Committee

Name of Governor08/11/1717/01/1813/06/18
Mrs P. Ashby PresentPresentPresent
Mrs V. BalaucaPresentPresentPresent
Mr I. BrandonPresentPresent Present
Mrs E. Evans PresentPresent Present
Mr D. Leibling (C)PresentPresentPresent
Mr V. RathodPresentPresentApologies
Mr P. VarsaniPresentPresentPresent
Mrs N. WillPresentPresentPresent

Standards and Curriculum Committee

Name of Governor18/10/1728/02/1827/06/18
Mrs E. Evans/Ms A. Norris EE present
meeting cancelled due to snow - carried over
to FGB
Ms K. Hughes PresentPresent
Ms C. HalaiPresentApologies
Miss A. Watt (C)PresentPresent
Mr A. BhatPresentApologies
Mrs N. WillPresentPresent
Mr D. LeiblingPresentPresent
Mr V. RathodPresentPresent

Governors' Attendance at Meetings 2018-2019 FGB

Name of Governor








Ms N. Pearson (Joint VC)ApologiesPresentApologiesPresentPresent
Mrs V. BalaucaApologiesPresentPresentPresent
Ms C. HalaiPresentApologiesPresentPresent
Mrs E. Evans (HT JS)PresentNAApologiesPresentPresent
Mrs N. Will (HT IS)PresentNAPresent
Mr V. Rathod (Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Miss A. WattPresentPresentPresentPresentApologies
Mr P. VarsaniApologiesPresentPresentPresent
Mrs S. KabariaPresentPresentPresentPresent
Mr D. Leibling (Joint VC)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent
Ms A. NorrisPresentNAPresentPresentPresent
Mr I. BrandonPresent NAApologiesPresentPresent
Mr J. LynchNANAPresentPresentPresent
Dr K. ShahPresentPresentPresent
Mrs N. Patel (Clerk)PresentPresentNA
Mrs M. Henry (Clerk)PresentPresent
Mrs J. Present

Children, Families and Community Committee

Name of Governor date to be reset31/1/192/5/19
Ms N. Pearson (Chair)held at GB 11.12.18Present
Miss A Norris Apologies/EE present
Mrs N. WillPresent
Mrs S. KabariaPresent
Mr V. RathodPresent
Mrs J.

Standards Committee

Name of Governor

Ms A. Watt (Chair)PresentPresent
Mr D. LeiblingPresentPresent
Mr. V. RathodPresent
Dr. K. ShahPresent
Ms C. HalaiPresent
Mr A. BhatPresent
Dr. P. ShahPresent
Miss A. NorrisPresentApologies
Mrs N. WillPresentPresent
Mr J. LynchPresent

Resources Committee

Name of Governor13/11/1822/1/197/5/1918/6/19
Mr D. Leibling (Chair)PresentPresent
Mr V. RathodPresentApologies
Mr P. VarsaniPresentPresent
Mrs V. BalucaPresentApologies
Mr I. BrandonPresentPresent
Mrs P. AshbyPresentPresent
Mrs N. WillPresentPresent
Mrs E. EvansPresentPresent

Governor Skills/Experience

It is very important for a team to have different skills to offer. Governing Bodies are made up of members with many skills. Our current Governing Body have the following skills:

  • Experience of being a board member in another sector or a governor/trustee in another school
  • Experience of chairing a board/governing body or committee
  • Experience of professional leadership
  • IT skills
  • Health and Safety knowledge
  • Finance
  • Change management (e.g. overseeing a merger or an organisational restructure, changing careers)
  • Experience of project management

Governing Body Minutes

If you would like to view the minutes of the full Governing Body, please look here. There are hard copies dating back over the years in school if you would like to view these.

Minutes of Meetings 2017-2018

Minutes of FGB 18.7.18

Minutes of FGB 23.5.18

Minutes of FGB 14.3.18

Mins of FGB 18.9.17

Mins of FGB 29.11.17

Mins of FGB 13.12.17

Minutes of Meeting 2016-2017

Minutes of FGB 15.9.16

Minutes of FGB 16.11.16

Minutes of FGB 30.11.16

Minutes of FGB 15.03.17

Minutes of FGB 17.05.17

Minutes of FGB 12.07.17